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Called "the hole in the sky" by pilots who fly through the area, Crescent Beach is often sunny despite the surrounding area's cloud cover.


Cold Pressed Copy's office is located at #202-15388 24th Avenue in South Surrey, B.C.




About Erika Eineigel

Erika Eineigel lives on the shores of Crescent Beach, BC, Canada, a short drive from Vancouver, BC. She says:

Plain-speaking, I work hard and I work smart.

Formerly a practicing litigator, I made the leap to copywriting in late 2009. It's actually been a continuum: I continue to practice the art of persuasive writing — copy that sells an idea, a narrative, or a widget. The difference: My writing now gets tested in the marketplace instead of in a courtroom.

Studying conversion is a passion. Seeing my copy succeed in the objective numbers of the market is really what drives my work.

Find Erika's CV here.

Sample Work

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